Pare Mountains

Pare Adventure

2 day tour

The Pare Mountains are situated a couple of hours south of Moshi and offer a chance to visit a beautiful, remote village, untouched by tourism. 

Highlights: Take a fishing boat across Lake Jipe to see the hippos (and possibly elephants), try your hand at pottery, climb to the top of Mount Kinderoko at 2113m and take a dip in a private waterfall. 

Tour includes: Motorcycle, petrol, driver (optional), full-faced helmet, English speaking tour guide, waterfall, pottery taster, meals, boating on Lake Jipe.

Price is based on number of people (cheaper with more people) and whether you wish to self drive or have a driver.

More easy rider tours

what's your style?

Passenger Tour: Classic easy rider style. You’ll get a personal driver, just jump on the back and enjoy the ride!

Self Drive Tour: If you’re an experienced motorcycle driver and would like to drive yourself, while still still enjoying the convenience and peace of mind of a tour guide then this is a great option for you.

(If you’re in a group you can mix and match the above)

Go Solo:  If you’d rather go lone wolf style and figure it out as you go then you can also hire a motorcycle.

If you’d like to do a ‘self drive tour’ or ‘go solo’, but want to get a bit of experience driving first then why not consider getting a lesson?


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