Maji Moto Moshi hot springs

We are two experienced motorcycle drivers and went on a day trip with Amani and Kenny. What an exciting, though heartwarming experience. They navigated us to the Chemka hotsprings where we took a plunge, with lunch afterwards.

take a soak in the hot springs

1 day tour

Maji Moto Hot Springs Kiliuletwa or Chemka Hot Springs, is an idyllic spot 2 hours north, west of Moshi town. 

Highlights: After driving down a dirt road and navigating across an arid expanse, the Maji Moto Hot Spring appears suddenly as a hidden oasis. 

The water is crystal clear and swimming underwater is truly amazing.

There is also a rope swing which local kids perform acrobatic feats from. If you’re feeling adventurous you can give it a go for free.

Tour includes: Motorcycle, petrol, driver (optional), full-faced helmet, English speaking tour guide, Moshi Hot Springs entry fee, lunch.

Price: 222,000 TSH /person

Man swinging on rope swing above Mosh Hot Spring

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If you’d like to do a ‘self drive tour’ or ‘go solo’, but want to get a bit of experience driving first then why not consider taking a lesson?


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