learn to ride

I had the pleasure of a recent lesson with Amani, where we went through basics, discussed my previous experience, and received a tailored 90 minutes tuition that gave me more confidence and left me wanting more time on the motorbike. It’s an experience I recommend wholeheartedly

motorcycle lessons

If you’ve never driven a motorcycle now is your chance! If you know how to ride a bicycle or scooter and can drive a manual car then it won’t take you long to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

If you’ve only ever driven a car with automatic transmission and the thought of changing gears sounds scary then don’t worry. It’s much easier to control the clutch with your hand rather than trying to feel it using your feet. The majority of people we teach have never driven manual transmission before and it’s a great skill to have

Our lessons are informal one on one and designed to get you feeling completely comfortable on the motorcycle. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll learn.

Lessons are 39,000 Tsh for a one and a half hour. Price includes helmet, motorcycle and fuel.

Most people find they are confident on the motorcycle after 2 to 3 lessons.

Got time? Ask us about our Pare Mountains immersion weekend which combines learning to ride with a tour of the Pare Mountains!

Once you know how then you can rent a motorcycle and the world is yours!